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Rent a car to travel around Pennsylvania with Happy Tours

Pennsylvania is one of the 50 states in the United States characterized by its great industrialization, since the state was one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution. Famous for its culture, the state is very rich in historical ideals, being a great invitation to venture into cultural attractions and places with historical roots.

Your trip will be more fun if you know how to enjoy the richness of the tourist attractions of the state. Starting with one of the largest art museums in the USA, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, followed by a lot of gastronomic tasting of ethnic restaurants in Reading Terminal Market. And to enjoy the itineraries of Pennsylvania Happy Tours gives you the opportunity to rent cars with the withdrawal where it is more convenient for you.

Learn about freedom in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is where it all began. Philadelphia, the capital of the state of Pennsylvania, is far beyond a banking and industrial record, in Independence Hall we have the historical marks and memories of the day when the Constitution and Independence were signed. 

With an air of freedom, Philadelphia is loaded with values and you can't miss the historical-cultural narratives of the city. First of all, don't forget to contemplate the Liberty Bell, the greatest symbol of the American Revolution and Nationalism. 

Obviously, you won't want to miss a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for nothing, because that's where 225,000 priceless works are concentrated. Every year the museum presents some attractions that gather millions of art aficionados, the exhibition of Salvador Dalí that says so.

And if you are a fan of fights you can't miss taking a picture on the stairs of the museum, since one of the most famous scenes of the movie Rocky Balboa happened there. So, it's worth checking it out.

Now if you want to be in a unique and exclusive place, be sure to check out Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, an open-air maze shaped gallery. But, don't be in a hurry, enjoy every detail, because many narratives are there. The environment gathers several works in mosaics of popular artists and are composed of various materials: bicycle wheels, kitchen tiles and porcelain plates, so don't expect any visit, but a great aesthetic experience.

Versatile tours in Pittsburgh

If you prefer to contemplate poetic and paradisiacal landscapes, the city of Pittsburgh is the ideal one for you. At Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium you can check out wild and aquatic animal exhibitions, including polar bears are great attractions. 

If you have children, one destination you can't miss in your planning is Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, an interactive children's museum with various activities for the little ones. In the museums, children can create rockets and have fun with paintings and ceramic arts. 

But the most interesting thing is that Pittsburgh is full of neighborhoods with different ethnic cultural values, it is worth to venture into the alleys and get to know closely the wealth of different peoples.

To have fun in all these itineraries without worrying about locomotion, be sure to rent a car without bureaucracy and headaches with Happy Tours. In our page, you rent your car to enjoy up close the best that Pennsylvania has to offer and still have time to have fun with the family. Come check it out!

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