Happy Tours is a tour operator and travel wholesaler with over 20 years of experience in car rentals. We specialize in leisure and business clients traveling to the United States and Canada, and due to our volume sales with major nationwide car rental companies we are able to offer deeply discounted and promotional rentals.

What documents will I need to present in order to rent a car and qualify for the rates offered on Happy Tour's website?

The only Driver License (driving permit) accepted to rent a car in the U.S. (up to 15 passengers) is your unexpired original and official driver's license of any class and category, from your country of residence along with your passport and a credit card in your name. Under nos circumstances will an expired driver license, temporary license or digital license be accepted and, the drivers license must be valid for the entire rental period. Rates are only valid for international travelers, not residing in the same country in which the vehicle is being rented. The drivers license and credit card presented must be under the first driver's name, as per the reservation. The second driver's credit card may only be used if both drivers are present and both have valid drivers licenses. In many European countries, it is necessary to present the International Driver's License in addition to your official driver's license to rent a car. In no country will the international license by itself be accepted without also presentIng the original and official driver's license from your country of residence. For additional information about requirements about a specific country, please contact the embassy or consulate office of the country you plan on traveling to.

How can I pay for my rental vehicle?

All car rental reservations confirmed by Happy Tours are to be paid directly to the rental car company at the time the vehicle is collected (picked up). Payment is accepted via major credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex & Discover) in the renters name or in the name of the aditional driver and the card must be physically present. In case the card being used belongs to the second driver, both driver must be present to sign the rental agreement. We do not offer a prepaid option, only payments at the rental counter. Some rental companies may request a security deposit at the time the vehicle is collected. The deposit amount, when necessary, is at the discretion of each rental company and varies depending on several factors including: age, type of vehicle, rental period, how long the driver has had a license, etc.).

Can I rent a car without credit card?

All renters must present a credit card as a form of payment guarantee at the time the vehicle is collected, however, a debit card may be accepted depending on the bank of debit card issuance, location of rental, vehicle type, renters age among other factors. To inquire if your specific debit card will be accepted you must contact the rental car company directly. Some airport rental locations will also accept cash and debit card payment

Are these rates guaranteed or will I have to pay any additional charges other than the amount on my confirmation voucher?

In order to guarantee the promotional rates listed below, we strongly recommend completing the reservation as soon as possible. These promotional rates are subject to change without previous notice and will only be guaranteed once the reservation is confirmed. There are no mandatory charges in addition to the amount shown on your confirmation voucher, however, upon vehicle pickup, the rental agent may offer additional services and insurance coverages, as well as vehicle category upgrades. Such services are optional and shall be refused by the customer if not interested. The non acceptance of such optional services does not impede the customer from renting the vehicle. Carefully read the rental contract before signing to make sure that only requested services have been included, because once any optional services have been accepted the total rental charges will be altered and no amounts will be refunded.

How does TollPass work?

All Alamo, Hertz, Avis, National, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar and Enterprise vehicles in the State of Florida are already equipped with the TollPass Service (SunPass / EZ Pass) . This toll service allows drivers to utilize the express lanes without having to stop at the toll booths. The cost of the toll charges and administrative fees associated with this service are not included in the published rates and will be charged to your credit card separately, if the service is utilized.

- Alamo, National and Enterprise TollPass Convenience Charge is a $4.95 charge for each day you use a toll express lane on roadways covered by our TollPass provider, up to a maximum of $30.00 per rental, plus the cost of all unpaid tolls.

- Hertz TollPass Convenience Charge is a $9.99 per day if you use a toll express lane on roadways covered by our TollPass provider, plus the cost of all unpaid tolls.

- Avis and Budget TollPass Convenience Charge is a $5.95 for each day of the rental, including any days on which e-Toll is not used, up to a maximum of $29.75 per rental month, plus incurred tolls at the cash rate.

- Thrifty & Dollar TollPass Convenience Charge is a $15.00 (Florida - $9.99 per day) plus the cost of all unpaid tolls.

What does vehicle assistance cover?

All rental vehicles already include the basic vehicle assistance, which covers mechanical defects only. However, at the time you pick up the rental vehicle, the counter agent may offer you an additional service called Roadside Service, sometimes reffered to Premium Roadside Assistance. This optional service is available in the US and Canada for an additional cost of U$ 7 to U$ 9, depending on the rental car company, and will extend the basic vehicle assistance coverage to include assistance in cases of problems that are not related to mechanical defects. The additional services covered include: Towing services when necessary, tire repair and replacement, jump start with a battery boost to start vehicle, locksmith service to open vehicle when keys are accidentally locked inside the vehicle or lost (including replacing remote access keys), fuel delivery of up to 3 gallons. This optional service may be purchased at the rental counter at the time the vehicle is being picked-up.

Can I modify an existing reservation?

Modifications to existing reservations are not permitted. In case you need to change the location, date, time, name, rental plan or vehicle type, you will need to book a new reservation, subject to current availability and pricing, and cancel your previous reservation. However, be aware of the following: if you arrive early and your reserved vehicle is already available, you will be allowed to retrieve it. If you arrive late, your reservation will be guaranteed until midnight of the day for which it is booked, or until the closing time of that location, whichever comes first. In case of returning the vehicle after the scheduled time/date, the rental car company will charge for the extra rental period, as stipulated on the rental agreement, and in some cases may also charge a late fee penalty.

Will I have to purchase any additional insurance?

All rental packages offered by Happy Tours already include the basic required insurance; therefore, all other insurance coverage are optional and may be purchased at the counter for an additional charge if the customer desires. Optional insurance coverage and services, should be refused by the customer if not interested. The non acceptance of such optional insurances does not impede the customer from renting the vehicle. Carefully read the rental contract before signing to make sure that only requested services have been included, because once any optional services have been accepted the total rental charges will be altered and no amounts will be refunded.

Can I rent a car without insurance, since my credit card already offers this car rental insurance coverage?

No. All rental plans offered by Happy Tours are promotional rates which already include the CDW/LDW insurance coverages; therefore, no insurance exclusions are allowed. For additional information regarding insurance coverage please visit our website's Terms & Conditions section.

What does CDW/LDW insurance cover ?

The CDW insurance option, some times referred to as LDW, is a coverage offered by the car rental company, which contractually waives the renter's liability for any loss or damage to the rental vehicle with no insurance deductible (no excess or co payment) for rentals in the USA and Canada and with deductible/excess/co payment in Europe and Latin America , as long as no conditions set forth in the contract have been infringed. All insurance coverages included in the rental plans advertised on this website are offered by the rental car companies selected, not by Happy Tours. Therefore, in case you need to submit a insurance claim you will need to contact the rental car company directly.

What does insurance EP / LIS / TPL/ SLI / SLP / ? cover?

The Extended Liability Protection EP, some times also referred to as LIS, TPL, SLI or SLP is an insurance coverage offered by the rental car companies and provides the renter and authorized drivers up to an aggregate single limit of U$ 1,000,000 dollars (no deductible/no excess/ no co payment) for claims that may be made by others against the renter and authorized drivers for property damage, bodily injury, and/or death, arising out of the use or operation of the rental vehicle.

Can I rent a car adapted for people with special needs?

Yes, all rental companies affiliated with Happy Tours in the USA offer adaptive car service. Adaptive Driving Devices include hand controls (accelerator/brake), left foot accelerators, spinner knobs, and pedal extenders. Such devices are available at no additional charge. If you wish to rent a car with adaptations, you will need to make your reservation on our website and then inform us via the email below which adaptations are required, at least 3 working days before the pick-up date. email: info@happytoursusa,com

How can I cancel a reservation and is there A Cancellation Fee?

Reservations may be cancelled up to the scheduled time of pick-up and are free of charge. You can cancel a future reservation by clicking on the large blue button at the bottom of your original reservation confirmation email, and providing the requested information. You can also cancel a reservation by selecting the option "My Reservation" from the main menu on our website and, providing the confirmation number and email address that was used to book the reservation.  reservations with past time or date cannot be canceled.

Where should I pick-up/return my rental car at the Cruise Port in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & Cape Canaveral?

At the Miami, Fort Lauderdale & Cape Canaveral cruise ports there are no rental car company offices on the premises. Therefore, all cruise arriving or departing passengers must take a shuttle service from the cruise passenger terminal to the car rental facility outside of the port (to and from) at the address indicated on your confirmation voucher.  All rental vehicles must be picked up and returned at the car rental facility outside of the port, at the address indicated on your reservation confirmation

Where can I view my TollPass charges?

Drivers may keep track of the amount of Toll charges being debited to their credit cards on the following websites:

- Alamo, Avis, Budget, National and Enterprise: www.htallc.com

- Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar: www.platepass.com/receipt

What are the minimum / maximum age requirements for renting a car and is there a requirement of minimum time of Driver's License issuance?

In order to rent a car in the United States and Canada, and qualify for these promotional rates, the renter must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license from the country of residence (non-U.S.), and a major credit card in his/her name. The minimum age for renting a car in the United States is 21. However, drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 will be charged an underage fee of U$ 35.00 p/day in addition to the regular rental charges. There is no maximum age restriction to rent a car and there is also no requirement of minimum time of driver's license issuance.

What does insurance with No Deductible mean?

No deductible is the same as no excess. In other words, in case of an accident, the renter will not be required to make a co payment, since the insurance will cover for all expenses within the limits of the insurance coverage.

Where shall I collect the rental vehicle at the Miami Airport?

At the Miami Airport all car rental companies are located at the airport's RCC Terminal. To reach the RCC terminal you must follow the signs indicating MIA Station and board the MIA Mover (metromover), which is located on the 3rd level of the airport's main terminal - between the Flamingo & Dolphin parking buildings. Deboard at the MIC Station and follow the signs to the rental car company's counter at the RCC terminal. The metrover service is free and operates 24hrs a day

Where shall I collect the rental vehicle at the JFK Airport?

The car rental facilities at JFK Airport are all located at the Federal Circle.To get to Federal Circle at the JFK Airport, passengers will have to take the AirTrain service to Station C. The JFK AirTrain is an automatic train service that circulates throughout the entire grounds of the airport. Additionally, arriving passengers can ask information about the car rental companies at any of the arrival sections in all terminals of the JFK Airport. The official counters at the terminals will provide guidance about how to rent a car and get to Federal Circle car rental lots.

How does the electric car charging work?

When you collect the EV (Electric Vehicle) the rental car company will try to ensure that the EV has a charge status of at least 70%. Please also return your EV with its battery charged to at least 70%. In case the battery charge is less than 70% upon return, a $35 fee will apply. An additional $25 fee will be added if the battery life is 10% or below. There are currently over 100,000 public charging outlets installed in public spaces across the United States (free and paid) and you can locate the nearest one through Google maps and obtain additional information about a specific charging station.

What kind of vehicle documents will I receive when I collect the vehicle?

In the U.S. the only rental vehicle documents that you will receive at the time the vehicle is picked up will be the rental agreement contract. The rental agreement is the only document you will need, and all necessary information pertaining to the vehicle's registration, which you may need to present to the local authorities if requested, will be included in the rental agreement.

Are vehicle models and capacity guaranteed?

As you are making your reservation you will be presented with the available categories, a sample model for each category and, a description of the passenger and luggage capacity for each category. Please be aware that the vehicle make and model are only a sample; therefore, the rental car company does not guarantee any specific vehicle brand or model, only that it will be of similar capacity, size and quality of the respective category.

What is an additional driver?

An additional driver is a person authorized to drive the rental vehicle, other than the primary driver (renter). All additional drivers must meet the rental qualifications with respect to age and licensing, otherwise, will be subject to the under age charge fees. Most rental car companies charge an additional driver fee of U$13.00 p/day p/additional driver, however, some rental plans allow one additional driver at no cost. The names of all additional drivers must be added to the contract at the time the vehicle is being picked up (retrieved) or at any time during the rental period at a car rental office. The primary driver and additional driver must both be present.

Are the rental vehicles equipped with GPS Navigation System?

None of the rental vehicles offered come with a GPS navigation system, however, a portable GPS may b rented at the counter for an additional cost of approximately U$15.00 per day.

Can I rent a child seat?

All car rental companies affiliated with Happy Tours offer child seat rentals as an optional service at an average price of $13.00 p/day up to a maximum of $90.00 p/rental (plus applicable taxes). By law the use of child seats is only mandatory for children 5 years of age or younger. Only one (1) child seat may be requested at the time the reservation request is being submitted and additional child seats may be requested directly at the counter upon collecting vehicle (vehicle pick-up).

With how much fuel will I receive the vehicle?

Common practice among car rental companies in the U.S. is to deliver the rental vehicle with a full tank of fuel to the renter. At the time of making the reservation the customer will have the option of selecting a rental plan that already includes the first tank of fuel; therefore, the customer will be allowed to return the vehicle with any amount of fuel at no additional cost. Upon delivery of the rental vehicle the client will also have the option to either prepay for the first tank of fuel, and not have to worry about refueling before return, or to refuel at a gas station of choice before returning the vehicle. If none of the three options is selected, the rental car company will charge the renter for the cost of the missing fuel plus a refueling service charge.

May I return the vehicle before the scheduled date?

The total amount due must be paid at the counter when the vehicle is picked up. In case of early returns, the contract will be revised and adjusted. Any refunds will only be issued after recalculating charges based on actual usage. Please note that the daily rate may change as a result of the actual number of days used. In the event you would like to keep the car longer than originally planed, you will need to contact the rental car company directly to request an extention, or just return your current rental vehicle and start a new rental with a new reservation.

Can I leave the state or country with the car and/or return it to a different city, state or country?

Vehicles rented in the US and/or Canada are authorized to cross the border between the two countries and can be driven in any state without restriction in the US or Canada, however, the vehicle must be returned to an agency of the same rental company in the country of origin. Vehicles rented in the US and/or Canada are not allowed to cross the border into Mexico. In the United States and Canada, it is allowed to pick up vehicles in one city and return them in another in the same country, however, there may be a return fee charge for one-way rentals with values ​​that vary depending on the cities. The amount of the return fee (one way), when applicable, will already be included in the total amount due indicated in your booking confirmation. In Europe, pick-up and return is allowed between countries, however, there are some restrictions for pick-up and return between some countries. In some cases, there may be a charge of a return fee for one-way rentals with values ​​that vary depending on the cities. The amount of the return fee (one way), when applicable, will already be included in the total payable indicated in your booking confirmation.

What should I do in case of a Traffic Violtation, Parking Violation or Toll Infraction?

Parking Violation: In case you receive a parking citation for a parking infraction in the United States, you will have up to 30 days to pay the original amount. Instructions for payment are given on the parking ticket itself and most cities offer an online credit card payment option. If the citation is not paid within the first 30 days, then penalties and interest will be assessed and the original amount may increase as much as 200% from the original amount. If payment is not voluntarily made within the time allowed it will then be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle (car rental company), which will in turn charge the amount to the customer's credit card on file.

Traffic Citation: In the U.S., all traffic citations are issued against the driver's driving permit (driver's license) and not to the the vehicles tag (license plate). Therefore, no information will be supplied or charged to the car rental company. A moving traffic violation citation is a matter strictly between the traffic authorities and the driver of the vehicle, therefore; it is the drivers responsibility to pay for the citation and satisfy the citation requirements. Traffic violations may be paid by checks in U.S. currency that shall be mailed to the address indicated on the citation, and in many cases, depending on the city where the infraction took place, payment may be made online with a credit card.

Toll violation: Toll Roads (roads that require payment for use) are common in many cities in the U.S . In most cases, a special lane is dedicated for vehicles equipped with a prepaid toll transponder which allows for drivers to drive by without having to stop and pay. However, when a vehicle not equipped with the transponder drives through this lane, a picture is taken of the vehicle's tag and an infraction notice is sent to the vehicle's owner (in this case the car rental company). As a result, the car rental company will charge the renters credit card for the amount of the unpaid toll charges in addition to the cost of the toll infraction, which can vary from $10 to $50 per occurrence, depending on the city and road. These charges may take up to 30 days after the vehicle is returned to appear on the customer's credit card bill.

How can I find an item I forgot at the rental office or inside the rental vehicle?

To inquire if a lost item has been found or to report a missing item, click on the link of the rental car company below and follow the instructions:

ALAMO: www.alamolostandfound.com