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Car rental in the Netherlands with Happy Tours


The Netherlands looks like a country that was created for tourism: with its countless attractions in all areas, from the most bucolic sceneries to modern cities, with a cultured and receptive population.

Between windmills, flowered fields and vast canals, you will find a part of your own essence when you travel to the Netherlands. And to enjoy your time with quality and more mobility, you need to know the opportunities that we bring for car rental in your destination.

Travel with more safety and freedom by renting a car in the Netherlands with Happy Tours' special conditions.

Meet the Netherlands and its treasures

Embedded in the European Northwest, between England and the North Sea, a jewel of world tourism lies green and full of life, with its prosperous people, in love with nature, culture, and great cuisine.

It's not hard to understand where all this taste for enjoying the best of life comes from when you get to know their homeland; The Netherlands is home to great wonders that inhabit the dreams of all travellers.

Venture to this very special part of Europe and taste the best cheeses, visit some of the thousand windmills that illustrate the Dutch postcards, book yourself on a genuine chalet, and live a little bit of all the tradition that the country has to offer when receiving its tourists.

Amsterdam: the ideal destination

Amsterdam's fame often precedes the fame of the Netherlands itself. The city inhabits the popular imagination for the most different reasons: for some, the unique opportunity to get to know its traditional architecture, the cafes and the living history that beckons in every street is an invitation to the journey.

It is possible to get a closer look at the life of the great Vincent Van Gogh, his home, and the largest exhibition of his works at the legendary Rijksmuseum. For those who have read the classic of world literature, visiting the house where Anne Frank was hidden from the German soldiers is an obligatory stop.

The city's architecture also holds a series of discoveries: its short streets, with classic buildings, are an invitation to stroll on foot and by bicycles, which are the passion of the Dutch, and you can rent them anywhere to ride through the parks.

If you want to see the city from another perspective, you need to get yourself a ticket to travel by boat through the many canals that cut through the city, day and night.

And after all this tour, of course, all roads lead to a nice café to taste the country's unique cuisine: its coffees, cheeses, pastries, and the many beer options based in the country, such as Heineken and Amstel. Amsterdam is home to several craft breweries with variety, great prices and accompaniments, too!

For the adult public, there is a journey through the famous Red Light District, with diverse attractions that pack the nightlife.

Rich architecture

Cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht are other itineraries that mix modern architecture with classic scenery, where you can enjoy the same natural beauty without worrying about the rush of tourists; they are family-friendly destinations, with well-structured tours and hotels.

If you are thinking of traveling with children, your family must enjoy these destinations in December, because the Netherlands is one of the countries that most celebrates Christmas with style and character!

Stunning nature

In addition to tours of the tulip fields, you can cross the Dutch highways in complete safety, and you are guaranteed an unforgettable trip along the country's coast, getting to know its diverse scenery, with inviting beaches and villages that look like something out of a fantasy book.

To enjoy every minute of your journey and have the freedom to really know your destination, the best choice is to rent a car in the Netherlands, and here at Happy Tours you choose your car and pick it up at your destination with great conditions and comforts. Check our terms and make the most of your trip!

Best prices by vehicle category

€40.40 / day

Economy Mini (MBMR)

Toyota Aygo

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

€43.10 / day

Midsize (IDMR)

Opel Mokka

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€44.70 / day

Economy (ECMR)

Ford Fiesta

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

€45.06 / day

Midsize Wagon (IWMR)

Hyundai I40 Wagon

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€47.41 / day

Midsize (IDAR)

Opel Mokka

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

€49.82 / day

Economy (ECAR)

Hyundai I20

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

€50.94 / day

Standard (SDMR)

Opel Insignia

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€51.42 / day

Compact (CDMR)

Opel Astra

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

€56.03 / day

Standard (SDAR)

Opel Insignia

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage