Rent a Car in Germany



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Rent a Car in Germany



Country where the driver lives and Driving Permit was issued
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Car Rentals in Germany


One of the most sought after destinations in the world, Germany is the owner of some of the most classic and dazzling travel routes of the old world, full of forests, historical villages, state-of-the-art technology and a cuisine unprecedented in the rest of the world.

Travel through a universe of tradition, history, and many enchantments in each stop.

With Happy Tours you can enjoy all the freedom and fun of the best moments of your vacations without headaches with bureaucracy or surprise fees. Just rent online and pick up your car at your destination!

Your destination in the Old World with much more freedom

Germany holds a series of charms and mysteries that not even the imagination would be able to illustrate in such detail. It is from the Germanic lands that come the bucolic sceneries that inspired so many philosophers and poets, and also from there come the fantastic villages and the dark and deep forests.

The country manages to be a world that unites all these idyllic scenarios together with cities built with modernist architects that coexist with the classic of golden times, among skyscrapers, large factories, century-old cathedrals and a people full of appreciation for wisdom and good living.

The best urban settings 

As a country that has experienced various disputes and divisions, from the Middle Ages to the Cold War. It took centuries for Germany to be unified, and this division of powers gave rise to a number of cities, burghs, castles, and sceneries completely unique from one another.

Traveling through Germany really feels like a journey through a fantastic book, with peoples that are different from each other, with their own architecture, customs, vegetation and climate.

In Berlin, divided by the Cold War, you will find monumental arches, countless museums, even gathered in an area popularly called Museum Island, as well as all kinds of varied attractions.

Berlin plays a central role within the history of the 20th century, and in the city many memorials are laid out for the public, both about the division of the city and in memory of the victims of the holocaust.

Tourism in Hamburg reserves the best itineraries for those who enjoy international music attractions, restaurants and pubs with cool people, and lots of contemporary art, with special emphasis on the miniature museum.

For those who like technological innovation and cars, Germany has the best itinerary to the South: while traveling along the world's most popular highway, the Autobahn, you will go on a car tour, visiting museums of the country's main factories: Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW.

And to enjoy it in the ideal way, renting a car is indispensable to travel between the main cities of the country, enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Fantasy Scenery

Now, if you are enchanted by nature and fantastic scenery, you need to know the route inspired in the life of the Grimm Brothers, the great names of fairy tales.

Find the towns, castles, forests, and villages that inspired the main fairy tales we love to this day, and take a trip to the German Alps.

Gastronomic tours

Besides filling your eyes with great attractions, how about filling your stomach with high-quality cuisine? 

The Oktoberfest is one of the most popular events in the world, replicated in several countries, but none compares to the original, based in Munich and with itineraries for the whole week, explore the beer specialties and also the best snacks you have ever tasted in your life.

To enjoy all these unique experiences, nothing is better than having a car prepared to travel through the heart of the country enjoying the roads, villages, and metropolises. With Happy Tours you can rent your car with the least bureaucracy and the most freedom! Check our terms and book your car today.

Car Pickup Locations

Aachen - Juelicherstrasse
Augsburg - Donaustrasse
Berlin - City Centre - Mitte
Berlin - Lichtenberg
Berlin - Pankow
Bochum - Berlinerstrasse
Bonn - Bornheimer Strasse
Braunschweig - Train Station - Main
Bremen - Steubenstrasse
Cologne - Bayenthal
Cologne-Bonn - Airport - CGN
Dortmund - Train Station - Main
Dresden - Train Station - Main
Duesseldorf - Airport - DUS
Erfurt - Am Roten Berg
Essen - Train Station - Main
Frankfurt - Carl-Benz-Strasse
Frankfurt -Camberger Strasse
Hamburg - Airport - HAM
Hamburg - Stresemannstrasse
Hannover - Schulenburger Landstrasse
Kiel - Lauenburger Strasse
Leipzig - Halle - Airport - LEJ
Luebeck - Willy-Brandt-Allee
Mannheim - ABB & Alstom
Muenster - Siemensstrasse
Munich - Ingolstaedter Strasse
Munich - Pullach - Wolfratshauser Strasse
Nuremberg - Beuthener Strasse
Stuttgart - Pragstrasse
Wuppertal - Clausenstrasse
Aachen - Train Station - Bahnhofsplatz
Berlin - Adlershof
Berlin - Erkner - Berliner Strasse
Berlin - Main Railway Station
Berlin - Spandau
Bochum - Wiemannskamp
Bonn - Train Station - Main
Bremen - Airport - BRE
Bremen - Train Station - Main
Cologne - Bickendorf
Dortmund - Airport - DTM
Dresden - Airport - DRS
Duesseldorf - Immermannstrasse
Duesseldorf - Kleinhuelsen
Erfurt - Train Station - Erfurt Bahnhof
Essen - Frohnhausen - Muehlheimer Strasse
Frankfurt - Hauptbahnhof - Train Station
Gelsenkirchen - Willy-Brandt-Allee
Hamburg - Altona Railway Station
Hannover - Airport - HAJ
Hannover - Train Station - Main Hauptbahnhof
Krefeld - Bruchfeld
Leipzig - Main Railway Station
Magdeburg - Liebknechtstrasse
Mannheim - Voelklinger Strasse
Munich - Airport - MUC
Munich - Laim - Landsberger Strasse
Munich - Train Station - Main
Stuttgart - Airport - STR
Stuttgart - Train Station - Platform 16
Augsburg - Airport - AGB
Berlin - Brandenburg - Airport - BER
Berlin - Europa Centre
Berlin - Neukoelln
Bielefeld - Schillerstrasse
Bonn - Adenauer Allee
Braunschweig - Gifhorner Strasse
Bremen - Aumunder Feldstrasse
Chemnitz - Neefe-Strasse
Cologne - Main Railway Station, Exit North
Dortmund - Hannoeversche Strasse
Dresden - Antonstrasse
Duesseldorf - Reisholz - Nuernberger Strasse
Erfurt - Airport - ERF
Essen - Luetkenbrauk
Frankfurt - Airport - Rhein - FRA
Frankfurt - Hoechst - Pfaffenwiese
Halle an der Saale - Selkestrasse
Hamburg - Harburg Railway Station
Hannover - Laatzen - Lueneburger Strasse
Karlsruhe - Hagsfeld / Gewerbegebiet Nordost
Leipzig - Riesaer Strasse
Leipzig - Plagwitz - Engertstrasse
Magdeburg - Train Station - Main
Moenchengladbach - Kuenkelstrasse
Munich - Hotel Holiday Inn
Munich - Neuperlach - Otto-Hahn-Ring
Nuremberg - Airport - NUE
Stuttgart - Esslingen - Mettingerstrasse
Wiesbaden - Aeppelalle

€ 164.08 EUR

Ds Ds7 Crossback Gps

Ford Mondeo Aut.
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Midsize (IDAR)

Best prices by vehicle category

€21.15 / day

Economy (ECMR)

Opel Corsa

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

€27.17 / day

Compact (CDMR)

Volkswagen Golf

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

€28.53 / day

Midsize (IDMR)

Skoda Octavia

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€29.05 / day

Economy (ECAR)

Opel Corsa

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

€29.34 / day

Compact (CDAR)

Volkswagen Golf

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

€29.62 / day

Standard (SDMR)

Volkswagen Passat

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€29.64 / day

Compact SUV (CFAR)

Seat Arona

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

€32.53 / day

Compact Wagon (CWMR)

Volkswagen Golf

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

€32.86 / day

Midsize SUV (IFMR)

Nissan Qashqai

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage