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Rent a Car in Portugal



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 Car rental in Portugal

Portugal Lisbon

Portugal is a place full of vivid history. One of the great tourist hubs in the world, especially for Brazilians who are interested in the history of the settler country, which brought our language and much of our history.

Treasures of the Iberian Peninsula

Travel along its magnificent and infinite shores, with deep blue and evocative waters, synonymous of the countless stories of overseas conquests of the country.

Although it may seem small, Portugal is a country full of history and tradition in every corner, you will love to get lost in the streets of Lisbon and Coimbra and taste the best of the country's cuisine. And to enjoy it all, enjoy the ease of the car rental in Portugal with Happy Tours.

Get to meet Portugal

Such a small land is the object of the passion of admiration of so many odes of first-grade poets, whether in the pen of Luís de Camões, who wrote an epic origin for the country or in the modern lyrics of Fernando Pessoa, who envisioned a new future of glories for the Lusitanian land, which in its history has had so many glories and so many falls, and today enjoys in tourism all this romantic and heroic history, capable of wooing all types of tourists that exist.

Sun and sea

All tourism in Portugal begins and ends with sun and sea. The country has a generous strip of beaches in relation to its length, with soft sand, ideal tides for the practice of various extreme sports and an environment that invites the resting and contemplation.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the different scenarios and personalities that can be found on the beaches, and more than that, the very strong marine tradition of the Lusitanians also offers a series of classic lighthouses and ports that tell several stories about the Portuguese spirit.

Religious tourism

Portugal has always been one of the countries with the greatest Catholic tradition in the world, a tradition that have been brought to Brazil and to the most diverse corners of the world, from the African coast to Japan.

An important part of the most revered Marian figures in Brazil has a strong relation with Portuguese culture, to mention, for example, Our Lady of Fátima, who appeared to the three shepherds in the city of Fátima, where today one of the churches is erected most visited in the world, where faithful people from all corners of the globe gather to contemplate e praise. You can get to know all the historical points of his miraculous works through a tour.

Intellectual life

There is a reason why we spoke of the great poets of the Portuguese language. Portugal, especially Coimbra and Lisbon, are home to some of the most widely read voices in the world, not only Camões and Pessoa, but Antero de Quental and Eça de Queiroz, and you can learn about the history of each of these authors personally through museums and visiting places where they lived at.

Coimbra is a great intellectual hub in Europe, with an enormous cultural life, both for the most refined and for the bohemian.


More than beautiful churches, Portugal, which has lived under different influences, from the Normans to the Arabs, is a melting pot of architectural influences, with castles, palaces and towns built in unique styles, such as Cascais.


Another unique attribute of the country, its cuisine is rich in seafood, given its relationship with the sea, but there are also plenty of sweet and very caloric delights; enjoy the best fish and spicy dishes as well as the delicious Pastéis de Belém.

Several Islands

The Iberian Peninsula is full of paradisiacal and visitable islands that are part of the country and you can access it by sophisticated boats and cruises.

Craft culture

The varied influence also brought to Portugal different original plastic techniques; more than the best of catholic sacred art for worship, Portugal has become a master of arabesques, especially in its tiles, which are synonymous with sophistication worldwide. And when in the peninsula, you can check out the Museu do Azulejo, as well as traveling through the various museums of ancient and contemporary art, getting to know names like Almada Negreiros.

To enjoy the whole history of Portugal, its castles, kingdoms and to be able to fall in love with all the beaches that insinuate themselves along the long Portuguese coast, renting a car in Portugal is a great choice to have the freedom to choose your itinerary. With Happy Tours you can rent your car without bureaucracy, book online and book your pick up wherever it is most convenient, with the best payment and contract conditions. Know our terms and rent your vehicle right now!

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