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Thinking about visiting the country of the Aztec people? Mexico is a country rich in historical sights, due to its origin that goes back to the colonization of the primitive Aztecs by the Spanish, which makes its culture traditionalist.

It is a country made up of about 31 states that are sustained by a series of dialects based on the indigenous peoples that inhabit them. In addition, the country gains worldwide fame due to the "Day of the Dead", a popular celebration that aims to toast death, understanding it not as the end of life, but as a cycle of liberation.

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Experience the best of Mexico in an unforgettable trip

Very well known for housing one of the oldest capitals of Latin America, Mexico is a country rich in history and archaeological sites. With beautiful beaches and museums full of narratives, Mexican cities are always a legitimate invitation to pleasure and, especially, to revisit the past. 

Nevertheless, the country is much visited by the daring and adventurous spirits who seek to bring to life the remains of pre-Columbian civilization (Aztecs and Mayans) by visiting its ruins, such as the Pyramid of Kukulcán.

A visit to the past with the eyes of the present

If you are an aficionado of artistic expressions, then you will certainly be impressed by the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Very well known for its architecture of arabesques and arches, this palace was built to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of independence of Mexico.

Besides delighting in the extensive garden that composes aesthetic in nature of the Palacio, you can also contemplate works of great native artists such as Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Manuel Rodríguez and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

But if you really want to revisit ancient civilizations in a practical way, the ideal would be to take a walk at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and allow yourself to be teleported into the experiences of Mesoamerican peoples.

And a golden tip, once inside the National Museum of Anthropology, be sure to visit the room of the Mexicans, where the famous Aztec calendar, that post-classical sculpture known as the stone of the sun, is located. 

And as if it couldn't be different to bring the past to life and have a wide view of the ruins you can't miss visiting Teotihuacán, which impresses us a lot due to the consistency of its megalomaniac pyramids, being them the Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun.

A tour of daring adventures

Have you ever thought about visiting the end of the world? When adventuring in Mexican lands this is totally feasible, since the end of the world consists of "El Arco" in the city of San Lucas, which concerns a rocky arch, which stimulates the imagination of countless tourists by being seen as a kind of mystical portal.

It is said that there is something esoteric in the "End of the World" and that there is one of the best views of the sunset one could have in this world.

Now, if what you are looking for are more daring experiences, like an underground swimming, the Xcaret Archaeological Park should be one of your destinations, since this park provides several aquatic activities and even a greater contact with nature, given the possibility to walk through several areas in natura.

Built by the hands of the Maya, the city of Tulum is rich in natural landscapes. From the top of its tower it is possible to see the walls that surround it. And what not to say about the formidable beaches? With clear waters and white sands they are great for diving and walking in the sunlight.

Have you seen how exuberant and incredible the sights of Mexico are? No matter which you choose we know your satisfaction will be guaranteed. 

But, of course, don't forget to plan, renting a car to make your trip more practical and efficient. And here at Happy tours you spend more time enjoying the Mexican soil than worrying about bureaucracy. Come and enjoy!

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Acapulco - Airport - ACA
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Ixtapa - Airport - ZIH
Los Cabos - Airport - SJD
Merida - Airport - MID
Mexico City - Paseo de la Reforma
Oaxaca - Airport - OAX
Queretaro - Airport - QRO
Torreon - Airport - TRC
Cancun - Airport - CUN
Cancun - La Quinta Inn
Cozumel - Airport - CZM
Durango - Airport - DGO
La Paz - Airport - LAP
Manzanillo - Airport - ZLO
Mexicali - Airport - MXL
Mexico City - Patriotirmo
Puebla - Airport - PBC
Tampico - Airport - TAM
Veracruz - Airport - VER
Cancun - Condo Salvia
Chihuahua - Airport - CUU
Cozumel - Muelle San Miguel
Guadalajara - Airport - GDL
Loreto - Airport - LTO
Mazatlan - Airport - MZT
Mexico City - Airport - MEX
Monterrey - Airport - MTY
Puerto Vallarta - Airport - PVR
Tijuana - Airport - TIJ
Villahermosa - Airport - VSA

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