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Car Rentals in Switzerland


The Swiss Alps have always been a reference of breathtaking sceneries, to be thrilled and to kept in the heart.

Imagine driving through the foothills of the world's most famous mountain range, whether in winter, gazing at the trees and peaks covered in snow, or in spring, watching the greenery reborn on the roads.

Switzerland has itineraries for all tastes, with cold and mild summers, cosmopolitan cities, lots of history, world-renowned cuisine, and sceneries that look like something out of a book.

With Happy Tours you can rent a car to make the most of each day of your stay with freedom and comfort.

Experience Switzerland in all seasons

Switzerland is one of the most special cases of double high season. Both during summer and winter, the country has plenty to please the world's most demanding tourists.

This is because, besides being a geographically privileged country, with the famous Swiss Alps mountain range that needs no introduction, the country has a high level of quality of life, which is reflected in the infrastructure of its main cities.

The country's multiculturalism is reflected even in its linguistic variety,, which is a must for those who want to practice German, French, Italian and learn Romansh, a traditional language of Switzerland.

Travel Geneva, the cosmopolitan city

The quality of life and education in Switzerland have made Geneva synonymous with the protection of the Human Rights, internationalism and unity.

In addition to the international districts and UN facilities, the city of Geneva has a number of classical buildings, squares and promenades, and is one of the main starting points for travelers from France or England who want to take a comprehensive tour of the country.

Zurich and Lucerne

Further north in Switzerland you will get to know the cities of Zurich and Lucerne, which are two pearls on the map of the country. Besides being important economic centers, they look like cities designed to enjoy a winter with everything you need!

The cities are green, full of parks, such as the famous Opera Park, and, like Geneva, they have stunning lakes, on which you can take a boat ride on a tour of its center.

But no lake tour has the evocative power of the city of Lucerne, home to several classic buildings and cathedrals, all at the foot of mountains that can be explored in any season.

Get to know the capital

Did you know that the capital of Switzerland is actually a city called Bern? And that it is a world heritage site.

Built on the bend of the Aar River, the city is wooded and full of neo-renaissance buildings, a journey through architectural history.

Travel through the Alps

After touring historic cities, eating the best chocolates, and browsing designer outlets for the bitter cold, you need to seal your journey in Switzerland by visiting the Alps, which fill the south of the country with one of the largest and most important mountain ranges in the world.

There are several lodges at different levels and regions of the Alps, which can be enjoyed both in winter and summer, with attractions such as skiing, mountaineering, and plenty of sceneries and relaxation.

If you want to experience the rich landscapes that the region offers, it is worth renting a car in Switzerland and having the privilege of driving on highways that cut between mountains, forests and villages, roads like St. Gottard Pass, Nufenen Pass and Simplon pass are must-travel experiences!

Renting a car in Switzerland with Happy Tours you have the privilege of getting to know these sceneries with much more safety and freedom, with no extra mileage fees and little bureaucracy. You hire online and pick up your vehicle right at the destination, check the procedures!

Best prices by vehicle category

CHf108.79 / day

Economy (EDMR)

Ford Fiesta

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

CHf126.80 / day

Economy (ECAR)

Volkswagen Polo

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

CHf129.34 / day

Compact (CDMR)

Volkswagen Golf

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

CHf131.28 / day

Compact Wagon (CWMR)

Ford Focus Sw

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

CHf133.48 / day

Compact (CDAR)

Volkswagen Golf

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

CHf133.48 / day

Compact SUV (CFAR)

Seat Arona

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

CHf143.36 / day

Midsize SUV (IFAR)

Renault Kadjar

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

CHf146.03 / day

Midsize (IDAR)

Skoda Octavia

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

CHf149.01 / day

Standard (SDAR)

Volkswagen Passat

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage