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Rent your car in Norway with Happy Tours


The Nordic world is full of attractions for those who are looking for a destination that blends history, nature, and a lot of culture.

Norway is the favorite route in the Nordic world, with attractions for those who love cold weather, green fields, forests, lakes and a cuisine full of peculiarities.

Its roads offer a mandatory experience for everyone who has ever considered making a genuine roadtrip. With an impeccable road system and a long coast where many, many hours of discoveries await. 

With Happy Tours you rent the ideal car to have this great experience with quality and safety!

Get to know Norway's roads and natural scenery

The Nordic world has always had its mysteries, and it has become an obligatory route for those who want to enjoy nature and cold weather with a lot of safety and quality.

Compared to other countries in the world with the same latitude, Norway is a country with milder climates and a very vivid presence of nature. 

Its long geographic extension brings a great variety of colors not only in climate but also in landscapes: it is possible to enjoy a series of activities in nature:

Stroll through the villages and forests

The most continental part of the country is populated by a huge mountainous expanse, with dense coniferous forests and many traditional houses, preserved as part of the Nordic culture. 

Its forests are highly appreciated by the legion of fans of the country's traditional metal subgenres and have numerous excursions and opportunities for safe camping.

Your tour through the country's interior will allow you to see some of the major routes, such as its capital, Oslo, which has some of the country's top museums and especially its most important architectural works, from castles like Arkeshus fortress to great cathedrals.

Oslo is a tourist-friendly city, with boat trips between tourist sites, several restaurants and lots of nightlife, a university town full of interesting people from all over the world.

Enjoy the Norwegian South

Despite being known for its cold weather, the Norwegian south is full of incredible attractions, with an exuberant nature, especially because of its Fjords, which are rock formations cut by clear lakes, a unique phenomenon of the Nordic world.

You can go boating, hiking on its slopes, staying at resorts that have hot springs and rich cuisines. Norwegian south is very green and has a coastline with many beaches and sea excursions.

Venture to the Polar North

The farther North you go, the lower the temperatures get, and the better the trip becomes for those who want to have a genuine experience in the cold.

The various islands that make up the country's coastal strip have cities with great natural attractions, such as Tromso and Trondheim, important itineraries for your roadtrip.

During the Nordic winter, the days are shorter and the sunlight creates a very special phenomenon called The Northern Lights, with surreal skies in sidereal colors. You can book in different hotels that specialize in offering views of the phenomenon.

Once you arrive in the far north of the country, you will be rewarded with many peaceful nature parks and fantastic scenery.

Take your Norway road trip

The Norwegian government's efforts to create accessible road and rail systems throughout the country has made Norway a top 3 destination for fans of roadtrip tourism.

The country's geography is completely unique, being an extensive vertical strip with several islands on one side and mountain ranges on the other.

The ministry of tourism takes the safety and enjoyment of its tourists very seriously, paving even the most inhospitable parts of the country to make the experience complete.

You can go from the fjords in the south to the isolated capes in the north, and you will always find trading posts, restaurants, and hotels, as well as safe roads and many camping areas.

It is important to take a course and get informed about the best itineraries, plan your trip well, prepare yourself to drive in the snow, contract your insurance, rent a fully equipped car and enjoy the trip of a lifetime with Happy Tours! Check our terms of use and special conditions to rent a car in Norway.

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Toyota Corolla Aut.

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