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Colorado is one of the largest in the United States and has an interesting feature of having all its borders as if it were a large square. It is quite characteristic, after all, it is right in the center of the United States, so the scenery is filled with countless mountains, which form an incredible scenery. There are several mountains of the highest mountain ranges, where the terrain is bumpy with the great amount of snowfall during the winter, where a suitable terrain was created for the creation of several ski resorts, like the internationally known city of Aspen, a of the best winter destinations in the United States.

In addition to Aspen, there is also the capital Denver, which is a beautiful city to meet, both summer and winter. In summer, the mild climate appeals to everyone who likes sun, but does not like to feel very hot. Now, in winter, it is a perfect town to get to know the snow. There, it is possible to enjoy everything the best that winter can offer. Colorado's gastronomy is something that everyone loves, so the city of Denver has countless incredible restaurants to meet and enjoy the incredible Colorado dishes, with gnocchi with Icelandic yogurt, lobster, Colorado barbecue and for dessert, has , yet chocolate pudding with caramel and vanilla ice cream, so prepare to indulge in Denver.

Aside from Denver and Aspen, there are still other amazing cities to meet in Colorado such as Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction. The truth is, for those who like to enjoy mountainous regions and beautiful roads to travel by car.

Conditions for Renting a Car in Colorado

All rates displayed on this page are promotional, quoted in US dollars, and are valid only for foreign and international travelers residing outside the United States and renting at one of the participating locations on the Happy Tours website. Extra charges when the vehicle is returned outside of Colorado or when requested services or optional items will be charged in addition to the regular rental rates.

All tenants will be required to present their return plane ticket, passport, credit card and valid driver's license from their country of residence in order to meet the eligibility criteria for rent; renters between the ages of 21 and 24 must pay an extra fee, as well as being restricted on certain vehicles.

All vehicles are confirmed by category and not by specific brand, model and size of the engine.

So, if you dream of getting to know Colorado in the United States, you cannot choose to rent a car to enjoy everything your trip can offer you. So check out all the affordable car options on the world's best car rental companies here on the Happy Tours website!

$ 110.6 USD

Mazda 3 4 Door
Van 9 Pass (LVMR)

Best prices by vehicle category

$46.85 / day

Compact (CCAR)

Ford Focus

5 Passenger and 2 Baggage

$47.43 / day

Economy (ECAR)

Chevrolet Spark

4 Passenger and 2 Baggage

$48.32 / day

Midsize (ICAR)

Mazda 3 4 Door

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

$48.61 / day

Standard (SCAR)

Vw Jetta

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

$48.90 / day

Fullsize (FCAR)

Chevrolet Malibu

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

$49.64 / day

Midsize SUV (IFAR)

Nissan Rogue

5 Passenger and 4 Baggage

$49.93 / day

Compact SUV (CFAR)

Buick Encore

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage

$50.47 / day

Standard Pickup (SPAR)

Dodge Ram 1500

4 Passenger and 3 Baggage

$57.86 / day

Electric Standard (JCAE)

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

5 Passenger and 3 Baggage